TK Cure & Seal 5 Gallon

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TK’s curing and sealing compounds are clear, durable, abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, weather-resistant and UV-resistant. TK formulations strengthen concrete surfaces to tolerate heavy traffic, extreme temperature changes, intensive ultraviolet exposure, road salts and all the hazards that make maintaining bridge decks, roads, docks, recreation areas and high-traffic surfaces a lifetime responsibility.

As in much of life, most big problems start small. Concrete professionals know that seemingly tiny patches of cracking, spalling, exfoliation and dusting signal problems that can accelerate and destroy major construction projects with stunning rapidity. TK curing and sealing products are formulated to protect surfaces from the potential environmental damage that begins as soon as the concrete is poured. Products are designed for application to both new and existing concrete. Whether the requirement is a glossy-looking, nonslip terrace for a beachside hotel or safe landings at the airport, the right cure and seal products for drying time are essential to the reliable long-term performance of your concrete surfaces.