TK Topical Sealers

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TK 20% and 25% sealers are a blend of 100% methyl methacrylate polymers used as specialized curing, sealing and protective coating for new or existing decorative concrete. TK-BRIGHT SEAL brings out the “wet look” and highlights the natural pigments in the surface, all while protecting it against abrasion and damage.

This sealer dries clear and does not yellow with age or with exposure to ultraviolet rays and produces the glossy “wet look” finish sought after for decorative concrete surfaces. It will highlight the natural pigments in the surface to add sparkle to the finished product and will also reduce aggregate popouts by percolating in and around the stone to fill gaps and voids. It forms a durable and long-lasting film to reduce exposure to water, chemicals, most acids, alkali, oil, grease, fat, food, and beverages as well as providing protection against freeze/thaw cycles, deicing salts, chemical erosion or efflorescence.

The Pricing for these includes the environmental fee charges.


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